Purchase FAQ

Got a few questions about Husky Duck? Take a look at our FAQ to see if any of these answer your questions. You can always send us a message on Facebook or email if you still need more information!

Where are you located?
Our base city is Brockville. Currently we are only online, we do not have a brick and mortar store at this time.

Do you deliver?
We offer local free delivery to the Brockville area.

Are all your items new?
No, we sell both used and new. Anything that is new from a distributor will have its photos be stock photos. All used items have photos of each side of the box so you know what to expect. 

Can I return a used item?
Used items are sold as is. If there is a major concern about something you bought, please send us an email or a Facebook message with some photos/details of what happened. We don't want to leave you hanging if your pop got destroyed in shipping or something like that!

Do you safely package everything?
Of course! We take pride in our shipping. We know collectors really care about their items so we bubble wrap each individual item and will often leave room in the box for "crushing" in case something were to break the box during shipping, your items would have some wiggle room.

What happens if you choose a pickup date for shipping and can't make it or do not show?

We will contact you days before the pick up date to confirm the time and location, if we do not hear back we will then email again to arrange another date or send and invoice if you need shipping instead. If we do not hear back we will cancel the order and issue a refund minus a 10% restocking fee.

Why a restocking fee?

We charge a re-stocking fee for the reason that once you purchase and item it then becomes unavailable on the website if someone else would like to purchase it. Therefore it is a missed potential sale for us, as a small business we take a hit for holding items for people that do not pick up that we could have sold otherwise. It's also to cover our time for getting your order ready and packed up and gas if we had a pick up day.