Auctions FAQ

Next Auction: September 21st - 7pm EST Here is the link for the Facebook event. 

So you may have heard, Husky Duck is dipping our feet into live Auctions! After our partnership with Bidding Wars, we really got the auction bug. After Bidding Wars announced their retirement from Funko sales, we decided to venture into the pond ourselves.

Does it cost anything to join?
Nope! Participating in the auction is free, the only cost is what you buy.

How do the Auctions work?
We will be hosting ourselves on a Facebook live stream. From here we will display the Pop for Auction on the table. We'll note any damages and show it off in the camera. All bids start at $1 and are to be placed in the chat. Bids must be in dollar increments. 

Can I return my POP if I am unhappy with it?
Auction Pops are final sale, as they will be sold in as-is condition. 

How can I pay for my Pops?
At the end of the night we can send you an invoice via the Husky Duck website. From there you can choose you payment method of either Credit Card, PayPal, Gift Cards or eTransfer,

If you are a first time customer, we ask that you message the Facebook page so we can get your email from you.

What is an invoice?
An invoice is like an online receipt or bill. It will display the different pops you purchased in the auction as well as the price. They help keep us organized and they give you a piece of mind in regards to what you have bought!

How can I get my Pops?
Currently there is a few options for how you can get your pops. You can decide when paying your invoice. The options will be:

  • Shipping: These will be our standard Husky Duck shipping prices, and we will try to ship them out the next day.
  • Local Delivery: In the Brockville area we can deliver the pops to you. The delivery time will depend on our amount of orders, but we'll aim for within a few days.
  • Ottawa one-day pick up. The following Saturday after the auction we offer a pick up location within Ottawa that you can come and get your pops. This location may change each month, but we will always make it somewhere public and accessible with both car and bus.

Can I add anything from the store to my final bill?
Of course! Just send us a message on facebook during the auction and chickadee will add whatever you would like to the final invoice so you can pay all at once.

Will you be auctioning things currently on the website?
For the most part, no. Most items that will be going up for auction will not be ones already featured on the website.

In rare cases we may put a brand new pop up for auction. This will be pop that customs have accidentally put cut marks in, things like that! For any pop that goes up for auction that is currently on the website, if someone bids the price of the pop on the website the bidding will stop and they will be the winning. We have no intention of overcharging you for a pop that is still available on the website.