About Us

As a collector myself, I want to try and bring hard to find collectables new and old to a broader range of people. I try to keep my prices as affordable as possible so everyone can try and build their dream collection. At Husky Duck Collectibles, we will not sell anything that we have no knowledge on. Yes, we could go ahead and sell everything out there but we want to bring the best quality and range of what we know best. 

As we grow and learn our hope is to be able to make it easier for collectors to obtain all the newest toys as close to or at the same time as the US does. I know as a collector myself how frustrating it can be to see new toys being released weeks or even months in the US before we see a glimpse of them here in Canada.

 At Husky Duck we know how exciting it can be to buy that new toy and waiting can seem like ages. This is why if you are local enough we will personally deliver your package to your door.

We are always looking to buy collections, small lots and even individual toys. Please feel free to send us an email at Huskyduckcollectibles@gmail.com and we will always take a look to see what you have.